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Cultural Capital

At St Joseph's, Cultural Capital, is interwoven throughout our curriculum through our SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) provision.  It provides for our pupils, broader development, enabling them to develop and discover their interests and talents. For us, it is about offering our pupils a broad range of key life experiences and giving our children the opportunity to learn about things outside of their daily experience. It is about developing key character skills of our pupils, such as courage, resilience and respect.


We achieve this through:

  • the rich and diverse variety of books that we share with the children
  • sports
  • prioritising oracy
  • our assemblies
  • our school trips
  • in-school workshops
  • teaching children about a wide range of arts, including literature and music.
  • promoting key skills e.g. library skills, problem solving, team events
  • lunch-time and after school clubs
  • Enrichment Time


We aim for our pupils to:

  • Paddle in the sea
  • Observe the night sky and the wonder it has to offer
  • Experience a Space Camp
  • Learn a musical instrument
  • Visit a farm
  • Visit an art gallery
  • Visit a museum
  • Visit a zoo
  • Experience a field studies residential
  • Experience an outdoor adventures residential
  • Represent the school at an event
  • Be given a job of responsibility
  • Use their voice positively
  • Cook and bake
  • Care for others and learn how to be a good friend
  • Learn about where they live, so they know their local area well
  • Handle a range of animals and insects
  • Develop an understanding of different cultures and how to respect them
  • Perform in front of an audience
  • Know how they can help their environment
  • Ride a bike
  • Experience customs from various religions
  • Go pond-dipping
  • Recite poetry
  • Learn how to code
  • Grow and harvest fruits and vegetables
  • Be part of a House
  • Participate in Sports Day



Lunch-time and after-school clubs are an opportunity to introduce a variety of activities that help to develop our pupils’ cultural capital hands-on.