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We are all God's children and will try to live, love, work
and serve as Jesus taught us.

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Religious Education

Religious Education Curriculum

We are striving for all of the children to have a love for Christ and for them to be able to live out the Gospel values in their daily lives. We believe that we are all created in God’s image and likeness and God is in everyone. 


St. Joseph’s mission statement - 'We are all God’s children and we will try to live, love, work and serve as Jesus taught us' – underpins all aspects of our curriculum: planning, delivery and marking. By the time our pupils leave St. Joseph’s, we want them to have a deep understanding of the Catholic faith.


At St. Joseph’s, we believe that children being able to live out all of the Gospel values is essential, so we teach the children about Catholic Social Teaching and throughout the school year, actively engage in ways which they can apply this to their daily lives, for example through charity work and helping others within the school and local community.

Primary Religious Education in Portsmouth Diocese 

Religious education in Catholic schools aims to promote:

  • Knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith and life;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the response of faith to the ultimate questions about human life, its origin and purpose;
  • The skills required to engage in examination of and reflection upon religious belief and practice.


In Portsmouth Diocese, religious education is primarily taught through the God Matters scheme. Please see more information about God Matters here.


God Matters

Please see our God Matters unit planner below:

Please also see our Catholic Life page.