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Committee Structure

Committee Structure for 2021-2022

Admissions Committee:

Mrs Elizabeth Rippon
Deacon Hugh Parry
Mrs Sinead Cheeseborough
Mrs Brigid Hincks (Chair of Committee)
Mrs Nicola Dennison

Finance Committee:

Dr Pete Barry
Mrs Elizabeth Rippon
Dr Peter Hartley (Chair of Committee)
Mrs Brigid Hincks
Mr Andy McLaughlin

Premises Committee:

Mr Mike Board
Mrs Sam James
Mrs Elizabeth Rippon
Mrs Sinead Cheeseborough
Mrs Brigid Hincks

HR & Pay Committee:

Mrs Margaret Bond (Chair of Committee)
Mrs Elizabeth Rippon
Mr Brian Cassidy
Deacon Hugh Parry

Mrs Gemma Hinchliffe


Curriculum & SEND Committee:

Mrs Elizabeth Rippon

Mrs Brigid Hincks
Mrs Nicola Dennison
Mr Nathan Rickard
Mrs Rachel McMillan (Chair of Committee)
Mrs Sinead Cheeseborough

Mr Andy Webb

Performance Management Committee:

Dr Peter Hartley (Chair of Committee)
Mrs Brigid Hincks
To be confirmed



IT Governor:

Dr Pete Barry

Pupil Premium Governor:

Mrs Sinead Cheeseborough

SEND Governor:

Mrs Nicola Dennison

Complaints/Appeal Committee:

To be appointed if/as/when required


Mrs Elizabeth Rippon
Mr Brian Cassidy

Clerk to the Governors:

Sonia Lomax



Health & Safety and Risk Management are incorporated in the Premises Committee

Pupil Discipline and Staff Dismissal are incorporated in the Human Resource Committee although the Head Teacher alone can exclude a pupil from school.

The Admissions, Pupil Discipline and Appeal Committees need an independent clerk (NOT A GOVERNOR).

Full Governing Body meeting attendance:

Full Governing Body

Attendance at Meetings - Academic Year 2021/22

If you would like to request paper copies of the Governing Body minutes, please contact the school office.










Out of possible

Peter BarryYYYNY 45
Mike BoardYYYYY 55
Margaret BondYYYNY 45
Brian CassidyYNNNY 25
Sinead CheeseboroughYYYYY 55
Nicola DennisonYYYNY 45
Peter HartleyYYNYY 45
Gemma HinchliffeYNYNN 25
Brigid HincksYYYYY 55
Mary HurllYNxxx 12 (Left)
Samantha JamesNYYYY 45
Andrew McLaughlinNYYYY 45
Rachel McMillanYYYYY 55
Hugh ParryYYYYY 55
Nathan RickardYNYYY 45 (Note 1)
Elizabeth RipponYYYYY 55
Andy Webb YYYY 44 (From 22/10/2021)


Note 1 - Associate Governor without voting rights

Accounts for the Financial Year