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Through our links with The Ogden Trust, we are promoting physics at St Joseph's, particularly for Key Stage 1. We ran an Astronomy Evening for Key Stage 1 children and their families, with visiting astronomers who taught the children about the planets and solar system. We also held an overnight Space Camp for Year 2, promoting learning about Space


Keith Cox, from Bloc Digital, into school for a STEM day. This was predominantly for Year 3, though we were able to open it out to Year 4, 5 and 6 throughout the day. He introduced the children to a whole new world of technology that they had never heard of, or experienced, before. They were able to wander through a newly designed house and swim under the ocean with turtles and jellyfish using VR technology. They drew all over the hall in 3D with augmented reality and explored the planets in a mixed reality world. The awe and wonder the tech created that you could see on their faces was joyful to see.