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Pablo Picasso once said ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’ Arguably, one of the best things about Art and Design is how inclusive this subject can be – there is no right answer and we want every child to feel that they are great artists! At St Josephs, we want all of our children to have a deep appreciation of Art and Design and to approach lessons and experiences with enthusiasm and curiosity.


During Art and Design lessons, we aim to provide opportunities for children to explore and express themselves. We are striving to create a culture of creativity, promoting confidence in pupils. We feel that Art and Design offers all children the opportunity to develop skills and engage with new experiences, responding and communicating during sessions in a way that promotes inclusion.


Although Art and Design is primarily a practical subject, we also want our children to feel that these sessions can be a time for reflection. Teachers give children the opportunity to express their responses to ideas or experiences in a visual or tactile way, whilst creating an opportunity to stimulate creativity and imagination. We also encourage children to be reflective towards their own work and that of others. Pupils benefit from learning more about the roles and functions of Art and Design in their own lives as well as the works of artists, crafts persons and designers.


We are using the Kapow Art and Design scheme all the way from the beginning of Reception up to Year 6. The Art and Design learning is organised into units, covering the four key areas:


  • Drawing
  • Painting and mixed-media
  • Sculpture and 3D
  • Craft and design


We feel that our Art and Design curriculum is ambitious and stimulating, providing the children with continuity across year groups and a clear progression of skills. Our children have expressed how much they enjoy Art and Design lessons, and they have also been good at reflecting upon what they would like to learn next.

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