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We believe that Art and Design stimulates creativity, imagination and inventiveness. We believe that Art and Design gives our children the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express responses to ideas and experiences. It fires their imaginations and allows them to express themselves freely.  Art and Design enables our children to communicate what they see, feel and think. Children experiment with their ideas, their use of colour, texture, form, pattern and different materials and processes. Self-evaluation of work is encouraged and children are taught how to be resilient to achieve their goals. The teaching of Art and Design provides all children with opportunities to express themselves freely and also helps them to develop an appreciation and respect for the work of others.


We use Kapow scheme of work to teach Art and Design.

Knowledge and skills developed

  • Generating ideas and using sketchbooks, taking inspiration from a range of artists
  • Making skills: drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, mixed media, craft techniques and sculpture
  • Formal elements: colour, form, line, pattern, shape, texture and tone
  • Knowledge of artists' work and techniques
  • Evaluating: critiquing their own work and that of others


By the time our pupils leave St Joseph’s we want them to be confident artists and designers who are passionate about expressing themselves through Art and Design. They will leave our school with fond memories of Art and Design and will be equipped with the skills and knowledge that is paramount for their enjoyment and success in any future Art and Design.