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Defining Bullying

At St Joseph's, we have high expectations of how the children treat each other. We take all reports of bullying very seriously.

Roles and responsibilities  

The Senior Leadership team lead on anti-bullying across the school:


  • following the school's policy in line with good practice 
  • ensuring that agreed protocols are followed  
  • evaluating the progress the school is making in relation to the anti-bullying agenda  

Class teachers are responsible for the day-to-day implementation of practices and they will: 

  • support the development of an appropriate culture within school  
  • support children who have experienced bullying  
  • respond to children who have bullied  
  • model appropriate, respectful behaviour 

Children in this school will: 

  • embrace a culture that respects difference 
  • support children who have experienced bullying behaviours.  
  • model appropriate, respectful behaviour 

Governors are responsible for monitoring the above.