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Sports Premium

Sports Premium Funding

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School 2021/2022


As part of the Olympic legacy schools have received an additional £8,000 [plus £5 per pupil between the ages of 5-11 years old] to improve the quality of sport and PE for all their children. This funding is continuing for 2022/23.


The funding for this year has been doubled by the Government to tackle the growing problem of childhood obesity and inactivity.

This funding (provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport) is ring-fenced in school budgets and provided to improve our provision of physical education (PE) and sport. Schools must ensure that the premium is spent in such a way that the impact leaves a legacy. Therefore we are focusing on coaching staff to improve teaching in the long term at the same time as enhancing sporting opportunities for our children. We are also focusing on providing all pupils with at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day through active playtimes, active lessons and a daily fun run.


At St. Joseph’s we continue to be a member of the Christchurch School Sports Partnership, led by Dan Moody at the Grange School. This contract provides regular opportunities for pupils to participate in competitive sports locally. Through this initiative we believe that the health and well-being of our pupils will be enhanced.



Sport Premium Funding for St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School 2021/22



The 2021/22 funding is being used as follows, much of it continuing from the previous year:-


  • Specialist support in planning the new curriculum from Complete PE.
  • E-training for all teachers and T.A.s who are involved in sport.
  • Improve the sport equipment and resources as advised by the PE Coordinator.
  • PE Coordinator gives advice and coaching of lunchtime supervisory assistants to organise small sided games and ensure active playtimes.
  • Staffing and transport costs for inter-schools sports events and competitions.
  • Focus on the gifted and able children, recognising achievement outside of school.
  • Providing cover staff to release teachers for professional development in PE and sport.
  • Increase pupils’ participation in national school games competitions.
  • Using the existing house system to enable regular, inter-house sports competitions during sports lessons.
  • Purchasing outdoor equipment for KS1 children to ensure they are active during the day.
  • Increased opportunities for SEND and less able pupils (Dare to Believe Festivals).

This year we have continued to use Complete PE as our PE curriculum resource and are planning to use the assessment programme next year to monitor the progress of pupils in years1-6.


  • Pupils are benefiting from specialist teaching during lessons.
  • Specialist coaching is enhancing the P.E. curriculum and improving staff confidence and expertise in teaching sport specific skills.
  • Improved opportunities for participation in a wider range of sports.
  • Improved opportunities for participation in inter-school competitive sports.
  • Newly appointed sports leaders from Year 5&6 will represent pupil voice in matters of sport.
  • Newly allocated notice board in prominent position to celebrate sporting achievements within and outside school.
  • Planned coaching at lunchtimes will enhance playtimes through organised sports led by trained lunchtime supervisors.
  • Termly meetings for PE co-ordinators through Christchurch School Sports Partnership.

Bronze Ambassadors

In September Mr. Rickard and our School Games Organiser Dan Moody trained 10 year 5 pupils to be Bronze Ambassadors. They will join the year 6 pupils as St. Joseph’s Sports Leaders.





Football Development Tournament

On Wednesday 6th October we took 11 Year 5 and Year 6 children to the Littledown Centre to play in a football development tournament. We played 7 matches winning 3, drawing 2 and losing 2.

 Moors Valley

 On Tuesday 9th November we took 7 Year 2 and Year 3 children to Moors Valley for an outdoor activities day. They took part in orienteering and an autumn fact-finding investigation.


Indoor Athletics

On Wednesday 24th November we took a team of Year 5 and Year 6 children to the Indoor Athletics competition at The Grange School. We competed against 3 other schools and won the event qualifying for the next round.

Handball Tournament

On Thursday 8th December we took 10 Year 5 and Year 6 children to a handball tournament at The Grange School. We finished in third place.

Fair Play Tag Rugby Festival

On 10th February we entered a team to compete at the tag rugby festival held at The Grange School. In the morning we played several matches and qualified for “The Plate Tournament”.

In the afternoon we played 5 matches and were undefeated and St. Joseph’s won the tournament. Well done team!

Netball Tournament

On 16th March we played in the netball tournament held at Twynham Primary School. We played 6 games winning 3. This was a development tournament to give children the opportunity to play competitive matches.

Outdoor Activities Day

On 22nd March 14 Year 5 and Year 6 children went to Moors Valley for an outdoor activities day. They spent the morning mountain biking and the afternoon orienteering in the forest.

Year 4 Football Tournament

On 30th March our Year 4 football team played in their first tournament. They played 4 matches winning 3 and drawing 1. They won the tournament in style with some very entertaining football!

Commonwealth Games Inspire Festival

On 27th April we took 10 Year 4 children to this festival where they played a variety of multi-skills games. They were rewarded with Schoolgames values medals for their outstanding sporting efforts.

Tennis Festival

On 18th May we took 10 Year 4 children to the Christchurch Tennis Facility to participate in this festival. There were a variety of tennis based activities which they took part in and finished with some mini games.


Tri-Golf Festival

On 8th June we took 10 Year 3 & 4 pupils to the Tri Golf Festival at the Grange. They were playing against 6 other schools and won the competition! Well done team.


Can Do Watersports

On 13th June we took 8 Year 5 children to Poole Park to participate in the Can Do Watersports event. They learnt to paddle board and how to work in unison in a two-person kayak.


Sports Week  

During the week of Monday 20th- Friday 24th June we held our very successful Sports Week. On Monday we welcomed Dave Hill, an ex-paralympic swimmer and tri-athlete, who gave an assembly to all of the children and held fitness sessions on the field. On Tuesday, we held our KS1 and KS2 Sports Day which were both won by our house team, St Marks. After a few years of not being able to have parents in during sports day it was so wonderful to have all the parents supporting the children.  


On Wednesday, Darren Hill from Robin Arrows Archery visited the school and gave each class an archery session. We also welcomed Danny Thomas Coaching Academy and Andrea and Mr Rickard taught Kin-Ball, a highly inclusive game, to KS2. 

On Thursday morning, Rachel from Atorro Sports came in to play some competitive netball / tennis / handball games with a penalty shoot-out in the middle. During the afternoon Mr Rickard held gymnastics sessions with KS1 in the hall.  


On Friday, we welcomed Dan Moody who brought in his Quidditch equipment and taught KS2 children how to play the game. During the afternoon Dan and Mr Rickard delivered some multi sports session with the KS1 children. As well as all this, during the week the children had various challenges such as skipping and curling. Finally, at the end of the week, six children from each class were awarded Schoolgames Values medals for showing respect, determination, self-belief, team work, honesty and passion. The children had a fantastic week and we hope to repeat it again next year. 



School Games Finals Day

In July we held our annual School Games Finals Day which is the culmination of our intra sport programme (House Matches).

The results are as follows:

Football:        St. Mark's 13    St. Johns 2

Tri-Golf:        St. Matthew's Yr 3  409pts

                       St.  Luke's Yr 4 264pts

                       St. Mark's Yr 4 236pts

                       St. John's Yr 4  220pts

Rounders:     St. Matthew's 7   St Luke's 5

Handball:       St. Matthew's 15    St Luke's 14

Tag rugby:     St. Mark's 18    St. Matthew's 7

Tennis:           St. Luke's 89pts    St.Mark's 73pts

Netball:          St. Mark's 10    St. Matthew's 0 


Please click here to be redirected to the DfE website which gives you further information on School Sports Funding.