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How is the decision made about the type of support my child will receive?

How is the decision made about what type of support my child will receive? 

  • We make decisions about the type of support needed for a child in consultation with all involved in his or her education. We will include the child in these decisions if appropriate.
  • If a child receives support via an external agency, a learning programme will be created to show what support will be given via intervention and the teaching methods to be used by staff.
  • If a pupil meets the criteria for the SEND register, they will have targets to help focus the support they receive. If they have input from more than one agency, or have needs in more than one area, then they will have a SEND Support Plan. This will be written outlining: the child’s needs; the outcomes that staff and the pupils will be working towards and the targets that will enable progression.
  • Where a pupil has significant complex needs, the school will consult with the Local Authority and apply for an Education and Health Care Needs Assessment (EHCP) where appropriate.