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How will staff support my child?

How will staff support my child?

Class Teachers will ensure that all pupils have access to quality first teaching and are committed to meeting each child’s individual needs. Teachers regularly monitor the progress of all children that they teach and discuss concerns about SEND with the Inclusion Leader. The class teacher will oversee interventions being delivered by other staff to ensure that the child is making progress. The teacher will liaise with any specialist staff (such as the speech and language therapist) who supports the child.


The Inclusion Leader, Mrs Sparks, is responsible for co-ordinating support for children with SEND to ensure that their individual needs in school are being met. The role of the Inclusion Leader is to:

  • develop the Inclusion Policy and implement it in school to ensure a high quality response to meeting the needs of individuals with SEND;
  • to keep an up-to-date SEND register and to maintain SEND records;
  • to oversee intervention programmes for children with SEND and monitor their effectiveness and quality;
  • to liaise with other professionals (eg: Speech and Language Therapist, SENSS, Educational Psychologist) involved in assessing and supporting children with SEND;
  • to organise professional training for school staff to enable them to confidently meet pupil needs;


Teaching Assistants provide a variety of support for the pupils that they work with. They work with pupils with SEND by delivering interventions to small groups or individuals. Teaching Assistants maintain records of interventions which are confidential and kept securely in class. These are regularly monitored by the class teacher and Inclusion Leader.

  • The Head teacher is responsible for the day to day management of all aspects of the school, this includes the support for children with SEND.


The SEND Governor is responsible for

  • ensuring that the school has a current Inclusion (SEND) policy;
  • making sure that pupils with SEND have access to appropriate provision;
  • monitoring the support given to children with SEND.