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and serve as Jesus taught us.

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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School - 2022-2023

School Trips and Visit plan




Learning Aims

Curriculum links


Year 3 & 4

2 Riversmeet

To learn the basic skills of swimming linked to the National Curriculum

PE, Personal Development

Year 6

Hengistbury Head

To identify coastal features of the UK.



Year 3

St Joseph’s

To inspire and create awe and wonder through new technologies



Longdown Activity Farm

To learn about a farm
To identify and name farm animals
To feed a farm animal

To develop the children's personal skills

Understand the world, Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Year 5


Winchester Science Museum

To support Y5 Earth and Space unit
To support Y5 Forces unit


Year 5

Leeson House

To recognise how underlying geology affects the landscape of the Purbeck region.

To recognise animals and adaptations to their habitats.

To learn how an area is conserved for its wildlife value.

To work as part of a team to use a map.

Geography, Science, PE

Year 3

Ancient Egypt workshop

To explore the ancient Egyptian society and their values

To investigate artefacts and deduce information from existing knowledge and new facts




Year 6




To develop bike and road awareness, confidence and independence for the transition to secondary school

Key life skills

Personal Development


Year 3


Winchester Science Museum

To support Y3 Magnet and Forces unit

To experience the wonder of the universe and science


Year 2


Marwell Zoo


To notice that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults

To find out about and describe the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival (water, food and air)


Year 4


Stour Valley


To learn about rivers, oceans and the water cycle.


Year 6


Avon Tyrrell 

To work together. 

To learn new skills. 


Whole School

Moors Valley

To work as a team and use initiative

To try new activities

To use orienteering skills

To develop problem solving skills

Personal Development

Key life skills

Year 1


Beaulieu Motor Museum

To recognise how transport has changed over time