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Year 6 2020-2021

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Avon Tyrrell

Year 6 had a wonderful day at Avon Tyrrell and loved their activities of mountain biking, adventure course, high ropes and kayaking. They had smiles on their faces all day and it was lovely to see the encouragement of one another, especially during the high ropes, when they were 9m in the air! The adults were all impressed with Year 6's resilience and willingness to give everything a go. The children (and adults!) all arrived back at school very happy, but also very tired!


Year 6 have enjoyed their learning about Titanic. This week, they were thinking about who was to blame for there being so many lives lost. After discussing the evidence as a class and in pairs, the classroom was turned into a courtroom. There was a jury, witnesses and a judge (Miss Thomas). Each of the witnesses had to give their evidence, trying to convince the jury that they were right. The jury made a final decision, which was different to the original views from the beginning of the lesson.

RE Learning

If we asked you to picture paradise, we bet you'd picture sunshine, beautiful beaches and a glorious landscape. We learnt about somewhere even more spectacular, somewhere better than you could ever imagine ... heaven. As part of our RE learning, we answered the question, what is heaven like? We all had our own visions of it, but we looked at scripture from the Bible to tell us what it's really like. For our homework, we then drew what we thought heaven looked like.


Year 6’s Geography learning started with a puzzle – a map of the world that had been cut into many pieces. It was harder than they thought piecing it all together. Then, using the atlases and the large map of the world in the classroom, the children found and labelled on a map lots of different countries around the world. Linking to their learning on Malala in English, some of the children found Pakistan on the map and discussed the journey that Malala had to travel to receive hospital treatment in England.


We have started our unit of work on Electricity. In one of our first lessons, we made a full circuit to light a lightbulb and made a name label so we could light up our names. We are enjoying learning all about electricity and we’re looking forward to doing more investigations over the next half-term.

House Captains

One of the things we are most excited about being in Year 6 is maybe becoming a house captain. For those of us who wanted this opportunity, we had to write a speech about why we would make a good house captain before as a class we voted. It was scarier than we thought to speak in front of the class, but Miss Thomas said that we all did brilliantly. We can’t wait to find out the results.