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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

The children have made a fantastic start to Year 6, already working hard and being role models for the rest of the school. This week, we have been thinking about our mission statement and how we can live it out. We had so many examples of what we should be doing, including saying sorry and forgiving others when we've made mistakes, always finding time to pray to God, working hard and never giving up and always being kind to others in our words and actions. As part of this, we made a word art with lots of words that represent our mission statement.

September 2021

I have been so proud of Year 6. They have been working extremely hard in all lessons. In their writing, they have enjoyed learning about Philippe Petit, the man who walked between the two towers. They have done a fantastic piece of writing as though they are Petit, from the moment he stepped onto the wire to when he brought himself off. In one of our outdoor PE sessions, the children are doing orienteering. They had great fun working in teams, using the diagrams given to follow in the correct order to make faces. It has been lovely to see the fantastic teamwork and encouragement. Well done Year 6!

October 2021

Year 6 are continuing to work extremely hard in all lessons. In English, they have been learning to write newspaper reports. In small groups, working with an adult, they did a shared piece of writing, writing a newspaper report about the current petrol crisis. This week, using the skills that they learnt, they wrote their own newspaper report about the man who walked between the two towers.

In Music, Year 6 are learning the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. As well as learning to sing the song, they have been playing games, where they think about the pulse and rhythm. Also, they have enjoyed using the glockenspiels, building up on the notes that they use to play along.

School Trip

On 7th October we went on a school trip to help us with our geography learning on coasts. We walked to Mudeford Quay before getting the ferry over to Hengistbury Head. Once at Hengistbury Head we walked down to the beach and looked at the different features of the coasts that we had been looking at in our geography lessons. We looked at different types of erosion. In class we had talked about longshore drift, so we did an experiment to see if it would work and to our surprise it did!

Unfortunately, the tide was really far in so we couldn't go down onto the beach, but we did enjoy watching the waves come crashing onto the rocks.

We then climbed up lots of steps to the top of the Head and looked at the landscape around us. It was at this point that it started raining. Luckily, it only rained for about 15 minutes. We had a long walk until lunchtime. Not long after we'd arrived at Hengistbury Head, we'd noticed a lot of smoke and realised straight away there was a fire. After keeping safe, but investigating, we saw that it was a controlled fire. Once we'd had our lunch, we had a long walk back to the ferry. Overall, we had a good day and walked about 8 miles!

November 2021

Last week, along with the rest of the school, Year 6 have been learning about Malala, using the book Malala’s Magic Pencil. They wrote a diary as though they were Malala, as well as writing what they would do to help others in the world if they had a magic pencil. They produced some of their best writing, had a lot of empathy and have been truly inspired by Malala. We watched the speech that Malala gave to the United Nations just after her sixteenth birthday. The children were transfixed, even clapping at the end, saying what a fantastic speech she gave.


Malala’s speech inspired me because she encouraged girls and boys to speak up and fight for their rights. She said that she wanted peace and education for girls. Her speech has inspired me to speak up, be brave and to fight for our rights.’ Isabella M


'Malala was not just thinking of herself, but she was doing it for everyone. She believed in education for all.James C


'Malala is a powerful and strong girl; she is a role model for our generation.Anise

February 2022

In RE, Year 6 have been learning about The Great Commission and how we can live it out. They wrote a piece for the newsletter. Here is Anya’s writing:

The Great Commission is Jesus’ last words to his disciples before he ascended into heaven and gave us eternal life. Jesus wanted us to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’. This means we need to evangelise across the world, which means to create more believers to follow and worship our God.


When Jesus taught us the Great Commission he meant for us to forgive others and listen to their beliefs as well as talking about your own. He taught us the greatest commandment – love one another as I have loved you. Jesus said that we should forgive 70 x 7 times, but he really means that we should forgive infinite times for as long as we live and more. We can also live out the Great Commission by giving to charity.


We raised money for charity on Number Day with half of the money going to NSPCC and the other half going to Samara’s Aid for dignity bags. We could feed the hungry by taking up just a few minutes of our time to get some food and drink. All of these little things can make a big difference and anything helpful is living out Jesus’ words.


So, go and continue to spread the word and make disciples of all nations.

Mayor of Christchurch Visits Y5 and Y6
On Monday 4th April, the Mayor of Christchurch, Mrs Sue Bungey, visited both year groups to talk to them about being the Mayor. They learnt about her role as Mayor and the children enjoyed seeing her colourful robe and garments. They also enjoyed seeing her golden chain. Very bling!! They couldn't believe the pictures of the Mayors from the past and how there were no women involved. The children were pleased to hear that there are women now active within the council and political field. Sue asked the children their views on Christchurch and what they would like to see happen to the town in the future. She mentioned that there might even be a Christchurch Council for Children.