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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! Please see our class news below.

Year 4 are currently reading... The Boy at the Back of the Class

Reading in Year 4

We continue to promote reading at school, particularly reading for pleasure.

Research shows that reading for pleasure has been associated not only with increases in reading attainment but also with:


  • writing ability,
  • text comprehension,
  • grammar,
  • breadth of vocabulary,
  • attitudes,
  • self-confidence as a reader,
  • pleasure in reading in later life,
  • general knowledge,
  • a better understanding of other cultures,
  • community participation,
  • a greater insight into human nature and
  • decision-making


We are investing in more reading books in school and across the curriculum, including books that promote diversity and a wider range of dyslexia-friendly books. Y4 are sending home a special book across the year for each child to share at home. Please talk to your child about what they like to read and encourage regular reading at home. If your child is not engaged in reading at home, talk to them and find out why. If you need ideas for books for your child or support with purchasing books, please contact the school.


Reading Note for Parents


Please encourage your child to read at home, both to themselves and aloud to someone who is able to hear them for 20 minutes per night. Your child is able to record their reading in their reading diary that is kept in school. Please guide them in their reading, but most importantly praise them. If you require any resources to help with questioning when hearing your child read, we are happy to provide you with these. The children really need to focus and improve upon their comprehension of what they are reading.


Rewards and bookmarks are provided to each child to encourage them to read in class and at home. Once they have completed a bookmark of stickers, they will be issued with a new one. Their bookmarks are monitored in school, along with their reading diary on a weekly basis and are rewarded for this. It is vital that the children read a wide variety of books, as they pick up new vocabulary and it helps greatly with their writing.


The children are aware of the rewards for their reading and are displayed in class. If you have any questions about reading, please come and speak with us. We will also actively encourage the completion of book reviews so children can articulate what they read and to evaluate texts.

Events in Year 4 - 2022-23

November 2022

Year 4 Road Safety Session

On Tuesday 15th November, Karen and Amanda from BCP visited to talk to Year 4 about keeping safe on the roads. They started the session by sharing that the children were going to build upon their previous knowledge from previous years since Ducklings until today and previous taught road safety lessons. 

The session started with a short acted out video featuring Billy who was bouncing a ball by the roadside when he ran between two parked cars. The video was shocking but made us all aware that we should not be distracted by anything on the roadside and if we are carrying a ball or something, we should have it in a bag. The children also learnt that we should not run out between two parked cars otherwise the driver of any cars passing by will not have a chance to stop. We must all use safe spaces to cross the road.

We discussed Billy’s bad choices. These were:

  • Playing football on the kerb/footpath. He was bouncing a ball which was noisy and he wouldn’t have been able to hear oncoming cars. Even with electric cars which don’t make much sound, we must always be vigilant when a pedestrian. We must concentrate and pack items into a bag so we avoid being distracted. This also applies to being on mobile devices and wearing ear phones listening to loud music.
  •  Crossing the road between two parked cars. We must use safe places to cross the road such as:
    • Pelican crossings
    • Zebra crossings
    • Islands in the middle of the road
    • Subway or bridge
    • Toucan crossing
  • Billy ran across the road and didn’t look right or left. We learnt that we must never cross the road by running, but walk, as we could fall and trip. We must use the Green Cross Code:
    • STOP
    • LOOK
    • LISTEN
    • THINK

In the short film clip we were shown, the driver was not at fault as he was driving at the required speed limit and wasn’t distracted, but he felt responsible. Billy’s friend also felt bad because he shouted for Billy to pass the ball to him from across the road.

We were all given a copy of a booklet (a scanned copy can be seen below) to remind us of what we should do. Our toes must be behind the kerb and always look right, left and then right again before crossing the road.

We are very grateful for Karen and Amanda in sharing this useful information to us.


Some useful resources about cycling safety can be found at:

October 2022

On Tuesday 4th October 2022 Steve from CAFOD visited Year 4.  Marcus wrote: 

When Steve visited, he told us about CAFOD and how CAFOD has made animals that represent different things.  There was DJ the Dolphin who represented subsidianty, Panatiki the Penguin, Luc the deer who says everyone is special and many others.  Steve also told us about how in Kenya there has been a drought that has lasted four years and is still ongoing.  Many people in Kenya are suffering from the drought and their animals are dying and so are their crops.  Steve also told us about Talaso, a mum of two children who some days have no food.  

September 2022

On Friday 23rd September, Lizzie Yarnold visited St. Joseph's as well as Year 4 to talk about her dreams, aspirations, successes and disappointments. Lizzie Yarnold, OBE is a British former skeleton racer who joined the Great Britain national squad in 2010. With consecutive Olympic gold medals in 2014 and 2018, she is the most successful British Winter Olympian and the most successful Olympic skeleton athlete of all time from any nation. You can find out more about Lizzie by clicking here: Lizzy Yarnold – Great Britain Skeleton Athlete – 2014 & 2018 Olympic Champion


When in the Year 4 classroom, she talked about the skeleton (sometimes called a tea tray) that she used to travel down the high-speed courses on. The children were able to hold both her stunning gold medals which she won in Russia (Sochi) and PyeongChang. She informed the class that she was an athlete for 10 years before the skeleton, participating in the Javelin, but she wasn't successful in it and was advised to try Skeleton instead. She did and the rest is history. She became part of Team GB and trained at Loughborough. She ended her workshop by taking lots of questions from the children. You can see some photos of her time in the classroom. Thank you Lizzie from all in Year 4 for inspiring us all to always stay positive, work hard and aim to be the best we can be. 



Skeleton is a winter sliding sport in which a person rides a small sled, known as a skeleton bobsled (or -sleigh), down a frozen track while lying face down and head-first. The sport and the sled may have been named from the bony appearance of the sled.

Unlike other sliding sports of bobsleigh and luge, the race always involves single riders. Like bobsleigh, but unlike luge, the race begins with a running start from the opening gate at the top of the course. The skeleton sled is thinner and heavier than the luge sled, and skeleton gives the rider more precise control of the sled. Skeleton is the slowest of the three sliding sports, as skeleton's face-down, head-first riding position is less aerodynamic than luge's face-up, feet-first ride. During elite racing, the rider experiences accelerations up to 5 g and reaches speeds over 130 km/h (81 mph)!!

Life Education Visit to Year 4

On Wednesday 14th September 2022, Year 4 welcomed Lucy from Coram Life Education to their classroom to talk to us about ‘how great it is to be me’!

Lucy explained that Life Education was about using a ‘SCARF’, i.e.

  • Safety
  • Caring
  • Achieving
  • Resilience
  • Friendship

They also met Harold, Kiki and Derek.

They learned about keeping safe and healthy and following rules to avoid alcohol and smoking as these drugs can affect our organs. Lucy showed us inside the lungs using a virtual reality t-shirt!

At the end of the lesson, Y4 thought about our well-being and took turns in sharing the things that they were grateful for. Lucy introduced the class to the ‘Wellbeing Wheel’:

  • Be mindful
  • Give to others
  • Be creative and imaginative
  • Be active
  • Connect with others safely, in person and online

Above all, we must keep physically and mentally healthy.

More information for children and parents can be found at: