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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Our new Year 4 children have had a great first week and have really impressed me with their excellent behaviour and hard-working attitudes. We have been thinking about our journey into Year 4 and reflecting on our learning in Year 3 and our fun times over the summer holidays. The children have worked hard in all subjects and have especially impressed in literacy where they have been using some excellent descriptive language in their writing.

September 2021

It has been a busy few weeks in Year 4. The children are continuing to impress us with their positive attitude to work and are great friends to each other, helping their friends all the time. We have produced some very effective optical illusion style artwork, the children have really mastered column addition and subtraction, really challenging themselves with the level of work they are choosing to do.

October 2021

Wow what a busy 7 weeks we have had! Every single child has worked so hard and really deserve a great half term rest. In this last week of term in maths we have been telling the time, focusing on reading analogue clocks, and in literacy we were writing traditional tales from an alternative perspective - the Three Little Pigs from the wolf's perspective!


After half term we shall be meeting with Year 2 to share our learning and teach them that wolves are not big scary 'granny eating' mammals but really that they are caring, misunderstood, family focused mammals.


In our other subjects we have been learning about living things and their habitats, in Topic we have focused on how the Celts lived in Britain before the Roman invasions. We had a fun 'Celtic Round House' in class where we were learning about what life was like before the Romans arrived. Children were assigned a job role in the village and with the other villagers had to find out about that role. They then shared their learning back in the 'Round House' and thought about how all the different roles worked together and were dependant on each other for survival. They then worked together to create a poster for a classroom display to share the knowledge they had learning.

We have been developing our skills in Art to produce work in the style of a range of artists. Music has given some of us the most pleasure as we have been listening to, analysing and singing some of ABBA's greatest hits - some however, have not been fans but still engaged and sang with varying levels of enthusiasm!


I was really staggered by the generosity of our families in Year 4. The donations you sent in for our Harvest collection was fantastic! We, and the local community who will benefit from your generosity, are blessed by your kindness. Our class Mini Vinnies worked with the rest of the Mini Vinnie team to add our collect to the whole school donation and delivered it to the local Food Bank. Thank you so much again.

Race for Life

Huge thanks for the support and donations you gave for our Race for Life day on the last day of term. I am so proud of all your children who ran or walked the laps of our playground for 30 minutes to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer. Year 4 children and families raised £91.70 to go towards our whole school collection of over £600! And thank you also to those of you who were able to come to school and cheer your children (and Mrs Jung and I) on, they were so happy to have their families cheering them and their friends on.