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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! 

October 2022

History and Art

We have been learning about Cave Art as part of our Stone Age topic. We have used paints and pastels to recreate images that have been found in caves that Stone Age people lived in. We brought in foraged (Sainsburys and the garden were good foraging places!!) natural materials to use as brushes and paint.

Our natural materials included berries, beetroot, grass, grapes, spices. These were used for colour, texture and glue. Sticks, ferns, soil feathers, cones and stones were useful for using as brushes or to grind the materials to produce colour.

We experimented with all the resources and evaluated what worked well and what didn’t. We gave each other tips on how to get the best colour and what to avoid using such as the grapes.

September 2022

What a fabulous first four weeks of term we have all had. The children have impressed us so much with their independence and enthusiasm, getting used to new KS2 routines and new experiences such as swimming. Have a look below to see what we have been up to in the first 6 weeks of term!



We have worked really hard on hearing all children read since starting back to school and all children now have a levelled book that they are taking home. Thank you for hearing your child read, they are loving us reading your comments, getting their stars and green cards as a reward. This week they have started using the library and I hope you are able to enjoy with this book with them too. In class, they have a class book from our bookshelf on their desk that they read at every opportunity and we have already read one book all together and are on our second 'The Queen’s Nose'.



In God Matters we have been learning about baptism. We have compared Jesus's baptism with our baptism and held our own service in class. We have also learned about the very important role of godparents.



In PE this term, we are doing tag rugby which gets the children very noisy, active and worn out! They have been learning the basic passing and catching, attacking and defending skills and are loving the competition element as well! I have observed so many great team work skills with all children supporting and encouraging each other.



In music the children have been working on finding the pulse of a song and keeping in time. They have also been putting their voices to good use learning a new song. I have been impressed with how quickly they have learned a new song and how passionately they are performing. We are soon to introduce the glockenspiel to see if we can play along with singing.



Your children have really taken to learning a new language and are very enthusiastic to practice their new words and phrases! So far, we can say hello and goodbye, we can find out what each other's names are and tell them ours and we can ask how someone is and offer a range of responses. Please encourage them to practice at home with you.