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We are all God's children and will try to live, love, work
and serve as Jesus taught us.

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Who’s Who

The school Staff 2021/22

Headteacher: Mrs Elizabeth Rippon

Deputy Headteacher: Mr Gerry Curran


Teaching staff:

Mrs J. Corallo and Eileen Wilson - Ducklings

Miss C.Fox – (Maternity Leave) 

Miss H. Wright – Year 1

Miss A. Tharme – Year 2

Mrs J. Walls – Year 3

Mrs J. Whyte – Year 4

Mr G. Curran and Mrs L.Wasmuth – Year 5

Miss E. Thomas – Year 6


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs E. Dibden and Mrs S. Cheeseborough – Ducklings

Mrs S. James and Mrs J. Farrell – Year 1 (Miss M. Churchill - Year 1 afternoons)

Mrs J. Farrell – Year 2

Mrs C. Wooller – Year 3

Mrs H. Jung – Year 4

Mrs D. Hougham – Year 5

Mr N. Rickard and Mrs G. Thomas – Year 6

Ms P. Kelross (various classes)


Extra Teaching Support:

Year 1 & 2 Mrs E. Wilson

Year 3 & 4 - Mrs A. Loader and Mrs J. Corallo

Year 5 & 6 - Mrs S. Dunn



Mrs R. Crook

Mrs J. Richards

Miss M. Churchill



Ms A. Lithgow

Mrs F. Alderson SEND support 



Mrs A. Flack



Miss T. Miles and Mrs C. Wooller

Ms P. Kelross (mornings)

Miss C. Smith (afternoons)

Mrs E. Holmes (afternoons)



Mrs S. James

Mrs C. Cain

Mrs S. Cheeseborough

Miss M. Churchill

Mrs J. Dobree-Carey

Mrs S. Dunleavy

Ms P. Kelross

Mrs J. Leonard

Mrs J. Mills

Mrs J. Richards

Mrs J. Saunders

Miss C. Smith



Mrs B Hincks

Any written correspondence for the Chair of Governors can be sent to the school address: St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Dorset Road, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 3DA.