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Walk to School Spring Challenge

As you know, our school takes part in Living Streets’ WOW – walk to school challenge which encourages children to walk to school and enjoy the many benefits this simple act brings.

WOW is a pupil-led initiative where children self-report how they get to school every day. If they travel actively (walk/wheel, cycle, scoot or Park and Stride) once a week for a month, they get rewarded with a badge. It's that easy!


This term, we’re also getting involved in their Spring WOW Walk of Fame Challenge. The more pupils walk/wheel, cycle, scoot or Park and Stride to school between Wednesday, 1 February and Tuesday, 28 February the better our chance of topping the local and national leaderboards. So, the message is, let’s travel actively to school this February!


What are the benefits of walking to school? Walking to school helps children feel happier and healthier and arrive to school refreshed, fit and ready to learn. More families walking means fewer cars on the road during the school run, helping to reduce congestion and pollution at the school gates.


What if you can’t walk to school? If you live too far away or don’t have time to walk the whole way to school, you can Park and Stride to help your child earn their WOW badge and help us move up the leaderboard. Park at least ten minutes away from the school and walk/wheel the rest of the way.


Will you join us and help get our school to the top of the local and national leaderboards?

Almost 2,000 schools and well over half million pupils across the UK are enjoying the benefits of walking to school thanks to all of Living Streets’ walk to school campaigns.


For more information on the WOW Walk of Fame Challenge, visit and don’t forget tweet @livingstreets using the hashtag #WOWWalkOfFame during the month of February on your walk to school

Let’s continue to swap those school runs for the school walks.



Our travel partner, 'Living Streets' have put together their three top tips for inspiring everyone to walk to school more this winter. 

1.    Dress for success – Layer up your warmest clothes – you can always peel them off if you get hot. Check the weather before you leave the house and dress accordingly: wellies, brollies, hats and gloves will be our best friends these coming months. Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!
2.    Ease into it – Start the walk slowly to give your muscles the chance to warm up and breathe through your nose to prevent expending excessive body heat through the mouth. If the road is icy, keep your steps small; the bigger the strides, the higher the risk of falling due to decreased balance.
3.    Make friends with dark mornings – Don’t make pre-dawn darkness stop you from striding your way to school. Walk on well-lit routes, maybe take a torch if there are darker sections. Cross at formal/informal crossings (signalised or zebra) or where there is good visibility. 

At Living Streets (we believe children shouldn’t have to wear hi-viz to walk to school. Instead, drivers should be observing speed limits and always paying attention, especially at crossings and in the vicinity of schools. If there is a problem with the way people drive around your school, check out our safer routes to school page



Following the success of the autumn term Walk of Fame Challenge, where St. Joseph's finished 6th in the BCP Local Authority area, we’re excited to announce that the spring term challenge will take place throughout the month of February! 

The Walk of Fame boosts pupils’ engagement in WOW and increases schools’ active travel rates. 

We encourage you all to 'up your strides' and travel actively to school as much as possible during February. The aim is to top the national and local WOW leaderboards. Good luck and thank you in advance for your cooperation!