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Mission to Mars

At the end of last year we welcomed our first Mission to Mars session. Mission to Mars aims to inspire all children to aim higher than high. A day of inspiring, engaging and educational creative activities followed and a real dynamite rocket launch!


Year 3 were very excited to learn all about the 'Mission to Mars' and then take part in a rocket making workshop. They had the opportunity to launch their rockets which was great fun. Year 3 children commented: 


'It was superb to be creative with our rockets!' Freddie

It was fun to build our own rockets and then let them off' Maria

'I was excited because I love finding out about things I don't know. It was fascinating!' Samir

'It was very fun, once in a lifetime, what we wouldn't get to do normally!' Katie


In Year 4 the children used cardboard to make a Mars wind ball, using their creativity and maths knowledge to create their inventions. The children had a fantastic day.