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Home Learning Resources

If your child is self-isolating, here are some useful websites with different learning activities that you may want to explore.

Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize have a huge variety of activities and videos for all areas of the curriculum.



Please continue to read daily with your child. This could be their school book, books at home, or online reading activities. Remember to check their understanding of the text by regularly asking them questions about what has happened, what they think will happen, how they think the character is feeling etc. They could even write a book review all about their favourite parts!



These websites are very good for practising phonics sounds and focus on both reading and spelling phonic words and tricky words. (Espresso)



In our literacy lesson we check our writing for finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. We check the spellings of words when we add the suffix -ed and re-reading our sentences to check they make sense. If they do some writing at home these are useful things to focus on. The children also learn to tell stories aloud to improve our speech and language. They may enjoy telling you their favourite story aloud at home. Maybe with some fantastic actions too!



I have included the spelling words for Year 2, please continue to revise these at home. I have also included the spelling list for Year 1, as your child will need to be able to spell and read these too.



In Year 2 we learn about place value and addition and subtraction. It would be really helpful if you could ask your child to partition a number into tens and ones below 100. It would also be great if addition below 100, with a 2 and 1 digit number was revised at home, such as 14 + 5 =.

Espresso has some excellent resources for Maths and you can access all of the KS1 maths resources.

White Rose is used in school and is a really good website for parents too. Here are some parent resources:


Top Marks is a good website for maths based games and can be used for most maths topics. Please go ahead and choose with your child.


Times Tables

The children are good at chanting their 2, 5 and 10 times tables but we are now beginning to learn our 3 times table too! Please revise all of these at home.

We will be learning how to recall our times tables in a number sentence form such as “what is six times five?” So please practice this often to support your child’s understanding and recall.

Here is a link for some times tables games for your child:


God Matters

Our mission statement

A project relating to our School Mission Statement. Please think of a way you could show our school mission statement: 

'We are all God’s children and will try to live, love, work and serve as Jesus taught us.'


This could take the form of a poster, leaflet, PowerPoint, Lego sculpture or any other way you can think to present your learning. Please try to think about how this might look in different situations school, home, church and in the wider community.


Our house teams

We have four house teams in school – St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John. Which house are you in? Can you find out all about your house saint and create an information page on them. Think about why they are a saint, what they did and maybe draw a picture of your saint.


Bible story

What is your favourite Bible story from either the Old or New Testament? Use the template provided and draw a picture of your favourite story on one side and write a retell of it on the other side, as well as why it’s your favourite story.



Praying is so important and children’s prayers are the most powerful. We often pray for people, but often don’t tell them that we’re praying for them. Using the template provided at the bottom of the page, can your child write the name of the person who they have prayed for that day, they may even like to give it to that person when appropriate!



Go outside into your garden, if possible, to see what habitats you can find! What minibeasts can they find? In addition, please do watch videos about animals around the world and look at books too.

Here are some links related to this topic:

Useful science sites include:



In art we learn lots of different skills so that we can become better artists! There are some fantastic websites below that offer virtual tours of their art galleries. Famous art galleries such as the Louvre. Please let your child explore these art galleries and discuss with them what art they like and dislike and why. Can they create their own art to go in the gallery? Can they design their own art gallery? What would it be called? And so on.

The Dali

The Louvre

British Museum

National Gallery

The Tate Modern has created a website, full of games, activities and ideas for children based on art. Please do explore!



Play some different genres of music with your child and dance, sing and tap along! See if they like it! What instruments can they spot? Can they create their own beat with their bodies?


I hope this has given you plenty of ideas and some inspiration to help your child with if they have to self-isolate. If you have any concerns or you require anything sending home in paper format, please contact the office and we will get things to you as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

Miss Tharme