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Home Learning Resources

If your child is self-isolating but otherwise well, please find the following useful home learning resources for your child.


There are lots of other play-based activities your child can do at home to help support them in their learning, progress and development. The following activities would be ideal for your child to take part in if you are working from home:

  • Playing any board games
  • Completing puzzles
  • Building using construction such as a marble run or Lego
  • Setting up their own ‘small world’ using toys, barbies, zoo animals etc
  • Making up their own stories with soft toys and puppets – they could practise the story on her own and then perform it to you or their siblings at the end
  • Telling themselves stories from the pictures in books and sharing books regularly with others at home
  • Doing a treasure hunt for number cards from 0-10 – when they have found them, they could rearrange them into a number line
  • Matching number cards from 0-10 with the correct amount of objects
  • Counting sets of objects in the house – pasta from the jar, pencils etc.
  • Drawing around shapes (or objects you have that are clear shapes such as salt and pepper shakes, candles etc) to make their own picture
  • Playing snap with a sibling or matching pairs – you could mix up lots and lots of pairs of socks and ask them to pair them up
  • Sorting all of the lego blocks into colour piles to see which ones they have the most of
  • Sorting all of the toys into type piles to see which animal/toy type they have the most of
  • Going on a shape hunt or a colour hunt around the house
  • Create some 2 and 3 part repeating patterns using objects or colours, i.e. red, blue, red, blue…
  • Printing pictures using paint
  • Finger painting
  • Cut out a couple of butterfly shapes and ask your child to paint on one side and fold in half to make symmetrical butterflies
  • Testing things that float and sink in a bucket/washing up bowl of water
  • Using tin foil to make a boat and seeing if they can make it float
  • Testing things around the house to see if they are magnetic or non-magnetic using a fridge magnet
  • Using different art materials to create pictures of animals, plants, family and friends or a subject of their choice
  • Using pegs to peg things on and off the washing line
  • Using role play with their siblings to broaden their speech – houses, shops etc
  • Using a blunt eating knife to cut up things like bananas, cucumber and lettuce
  • Using your recycling to build musical instruments or animals
  • Sorting the things in your recycling bin into glass, tin, plastic and paper piles
  • Painting your fences/walls/the ground with a bucket of water and paintbrushes
  • Build the biggest tower you can by stacking objects on top of each other and measure your tower with a ruler
  • Colouring for pen or pencil control

There are also lots of free phonics games at and also lots of free maths games at in the ‘Early Years’ section.

If you are having any issues in accessing your child’s Tapestry Learning Journal for their focused learning tasks or you have any further questions, please do contact me via the school office and we will endeavour to help you. We are very grateful for your support at this difficult time.