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Home Learning Resources

If your child is self-isolating but otherwise well here are some useful website and learning activities for your child. 


Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize have a huge variety of activities and videos for all areas of the curriculum.



Please continue to read with your child, actual books or any other online reading you would like to do. Whilst reading please stop your child regularly to check they are understanding what they are reading. Maybe at the end of a chapter / reading session they can summarise what has happened in the passage they have read. Also, challenge them on any potentially new words to ensure they understand what the word means. If you can encourage them to look up the meaning themselves in a dictionary that would be great. Additionally, talking about what they think might happen later on in the book (making predictions) based on what they have read helps develop their skills.


If your child needs support with their reading by way of their Phonics please use the link below. It will help with learning phonemes, graphemes, segmenting and blending, skills that are vital to learn to read and spell.


Grammar and Punctuation

The Espresso and Comma Castle website has lots of fun games and activities to help your child with their grammar understanding. We have done work on adjectives, plurals, fronted adverbials and wiring and correctly punctuating speech.



I have included on this page the Year 3 and 4 spelling words as well as the first 100 and 300 words in case your child needs to consolidate their spelling of these words. The following website may also be useful. You can focus on different spelling rules, then can choose to either practice the spellings or take a test. All are read aloud (so make sure you turn up your volume) and they provide a sentence with the word in context for comprehension (like I do in class). Alternatively, they can revisit the spellings in the back of their Homework book.



Below are 3 links to websites that will give your child some videos to help understand some key mathematical concepts with activities and challenges / problem solving activities. Please refer to the Curriculum letter for this term to see what our topics of learning are. These can be found on the Year 4 page of the school website. The key area of focus that would benefit from home support is times tables and telling the time (on an analogue clock, converting between digital and analogue and 24 hour clock).


Times tables

Fluency of times tables is a key objective in Year 4. When the children started in Year 4 they would have learned their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables so these will need to be continually consolidated and the remaining tables learned so they are able to recall their times tables at speed. The following website has lots of times table games as well as a times table test that is very similar in format to the Multiplication Tables Check the children will be sitting in the Summer term.



Please can we ask as a family that you continue to pray for your good health and those in our local community. You can also use our Wednesday word document that is sent home every week to consider the Gospel reading of the week and talk as a family about what this means to you. There is also a prayer that you could all say as a family.

Praying is so important and children’s prayers are the most powerful. We often pray for people, but often don’t tell them that we’re praying for them. Using the template provided at the bottom of the page, can your child write the name of the person who they have prayed for that day, they may even like to give it to that person when appropriate!



In Year 4 we study The Romans. The following websites will take your child to some activities but as appropriate I may signpost you to certain activities that link with what we will be doing in class if I hear that your child is self-isolating.



In Year 4 we follow a module called ‘Our Wonderful World’ and you can find useful resources about the continents and oceans, cities in Europe and climate change issues. Again, as appropriate, I will provide some learning activities that tie in to our class learning. Anything related to climate change and the impacts on our lives is also useful to discuss.



Please refer to our Curriculum letter to find out this terms topic. You can find supporting activities and learning resources on the following sites.


I hope this is all helpful, but if you need paper copies of anything, please contact the school office.


Hope to see you and your child again very soon. Kind regards

Mrs Whyte and Mrs Jung