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and serve as Jesus taught us.

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If your child is self-isolating but otherwise well, here are some useful website links and activities for your child to do to keep them learning.

The main websites that we would direct you towards, if you wish to extend upon your child’s learning and after they have completed the suggested tasks below, then please feel free to use:

both of which have a huge variety of fun activities and videos for all areas of the curriculum.



  • Our School Mission Statement

A project relating to our School Mission Statement. Please think of a way you could show our school mission statement:

We are all God’s children and will try to live, love, work and serve as Jesus taught us.


This could take the form of a poster, leaflet, PowerPoint, Lego sculpture or any other way you can think to present your learning.  Please try to think about how this might look in different situations school, home, church and in the wider community. Be creative in your presentation.


  • Our House Teams

We have four house teams in school – St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John. Which house are you in? Can you find out all about your house saint and create an information page on them. Think about why they are a saint, what they did and maybe draw a picture of your saint.


  • Bible story

What is your favourite Bible story from either the Old or New Testament? Use the template provided (R.E. Remote Learning - Favourite Bible Story Template) and draw a picture of your favourite story on one side and write a retell of it on the other side, as well as why it’s your favourite story.

  • Prayers

Praying is so important and children’s prayers are the most powerful. We often pray for people, but often don’t tell them that we’re praying for them. Using the template provided write to a person they have prayed for.

In addition to the activities, tasks and ideas listed above, we have also provided you with tasks based on the Church year and linked to the unit of study we are learning at the moment in class. For your reference, the units of study for R.E. are (in order):


R.E. Unit



Autumn 1

Prayers, Saints & Feasts

Autumn 1 & 2


Autumn 2


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 1


Summer 1

Pentecost & Mission

Summer 1 & 2


Summer 2


Please encourage your child to read at home every day, both to themselves and aloud to someone who is able to hear them. These could be their current reading books or a range of other reading materials, e.g. magazines, newspapers, comics or online books.

Please guide them in their reading, but most importantly praise them. If you require any resources to help questioning your child’s reading, we are happy to provide you with these.  The children really need to focus and improve upon their comprehension of what they are reading. Remember to check their understanding of the text by regularly asking them questions about what has happened, what they think will happen, how they think the character is feeling etc. They could write a book review about the book. 



Encouraging your child to carry out any writing will help them to embed basic writing skills such as using capital letters, full stops, paragraphs and exciting words, all to appeal to the reader. Description of anything adds to the quality of a piece of writing. There are many genres that your child could ‘have a go’ at just to get them writing. These include:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction. Includes any writing that an author makes up from his or hers imagination.
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Biography
  • Drama
  • Non-fiction that could include information reports, diary entries, recounts, newspaper articles etc

On the class webpage we have uploaded some writing resources to inspire your child.

Ideas to encourage writing can be found at:



Below there are spelling words for both Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6. These word banks are worked through our word level work in class all year round and the children refer to these spellings lists regularly – stuck into their literacy books.

 In terms of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG), below you will find some useful websites and resources. is a useful site.



Below you will find some useful resources for maths. These workbooks cover from Y3 to Y5 based on where your child is currently learning. These can also provide some revision. Further interactive resources can be found at:


White Rose is used in school and is a really good website for parents too. This is a link to resources for parents:


Times Tables

In Year 5 the children are expected to know all of their timestables up to 12s.

The children must chant their timestables at home (as we do in class) learning them as “1x2 is 2, 2x2 is 4, 3x2 is 6” etc etc. The real drive going forward is for the children to quickly recall their timestables as well as them knowing their inverse related facts, e.g. 4x2 = 8, therefore 8/4=2 or 8/2=4 is a really good website for building up their speed



Please refer to our curriculum letter (also on our class webpage) to find out what we are learning about this term in science.

Useful science sites include:



Please refer to our curriculum letter (also on our class webpage) to find out what we are learning about this term in either History or Geography.

Useful sites include:


Relationships and Health Education

At St. Joseph’s and as part of our Life Education Van visit every year we use SCARF for our PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education. With SCARF, children learn vital life skills they need to help them be happy, healthy and safe.

The theme for upper key stage 2 is Me and My Relationships.

We're thinking about the skills needed for friendships and team work. We're also thinking about people who are special to us and who we can turn to for help, when needed.

Here are some specially designed SCARF at home activities.



Please refer to our curriculum letter (also on our class webpage) to find out what we are learning about this term in either History or Geography.

Useful sites include:


The above information should provide you all with plenty of ideas to help your child(ren) if they have to self-isolate. If you have any concerns or you require anything to be sent home in paper format, please contact the office at and we will get things to you as soon as possible.

Happy Home Learning! 

Mr Curran & Mrs Wasmuth

For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

Philippians 2:13