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Democracy is important here at St Joseph’s and pupils have the opportunity to have their voices heard through our Mini Vinnies Team. Members of the team are elected based on pupil votes. Votes may also be used by a class when deciding, for example, which book to read.


Pupil voice is also heard through regular “Pupil Conferencing”, such as the annual “Anti-bullying Week”, the whole school pupil survey on safety and behaviour, or the summer survey on learning, linked to the school improvement plan.


In Year 6 the children learn about democracy through an election to be house captains. Those who want to be a house captain have to give a speech to the rest of the school. Everyone then votes and the results are counted. The house captains are then elected fairly.


The school also seizes any opportunities offered such as a visit from a parliamentary officer who led workshops on democracy and the workings of our government. Meanwhile in the curriculum children learn about the origins of democracy when learning about the ancient Greeks – although having slaves and no votes for women could be debated!!